Where are my folders

 I want to copy all of my folders and emails for safe keeping, but they are not showing in “C:\Users%Current User%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client”. They are all visible in the APP itself. How can I find and copy these folders?

Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Storage.

That will list the directory.

Thanks, but that indicates they are in “C:\Users%Current User%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client”. They are not there.  

When I open eM Client, all folders and emails are visible there, but I cannot find the folders, in storage, to copy them

The folder is empty?

There should be a whole bunch of .dat files, which contain settings etc, then some folders such as Archive, Search Folders, Local Folders.

The best way to save your files for safekeeping is by backup (Menu > File > Backup), or just copy the whole %appdata%\eM Client folder

If you want to save your files so that they are accessible by other email clients, you will need to export them. Menu > File > Export. This will save a directory structure the same as your Inbox, with the individual emails saved as .eml files . These can be opened by most email clients simply by clicking on the eml file, or by importing them.