Where are Contacts and Photos?

I just installed eM Client on my husband’s computer and migrated his 2003 MS Outlook to it. NO contacts migrated. Messages did.

Photos that can be seen in his Outlook cannot be seen in eM Client. I did do some research before choosing eM Client and it seemed like a good bet to replace the 15 year old Outlook so this is rather a disappointment. Is it something I did wrongly? Can you help?

Please look under local folders in the contacts section. If the contacts are not there, then they can be imported again manually. Go to Menu > File > Import > Microsoft Outlook.

On the next screen you want to choose Import selected folders.


And then the Contacts folder.


The photos that you can’t see, are these in Contacts?

Thank you Gary.  Import is (Not Responding).  I tried it 3 times.  

The photos are in the email messages, sorry for not being clear on that.

Not sure why the import is not working. There is another way you can do that by exporting the contacts from Outlook, and then importing to eM Client. In eM Client you can do this by Menu > File > Import > Contacts as vCard.

A common problem is that you are viewing the email as plain text so will not see the images. You can change this in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Read. Untick Read all messages in plain text.

If the pictures are external images, there should be an option to display them in the mail header.

If they are embedded pictures they should display automatically.

Attn. Gary:  Forth try the charm, but, BOY, is this ever slow.  Import opened but then the list of choices took a long time to load.  I can now choose Contacts but am asked where to send them to?  Where do I send them to?  Sorry, cannot copy and paste the exact screen as I am chatting with you on another computer.

You can keep the defaults, which are local folders.

At a later time, if you want to move them to an online synced address-book you can do that.

I picked the Default Folder, Import proceeded and the Contact list in eM Client is still empty.  I suppose I can try again and pick Local Folders.

And again, following your instructions, which I had already done on my own, still empty.  :frowning:

First, make sure that local folders are visible. Go to Menu > Tools > Settings. In the General section check that Show local folders is ticked.

If that does not work, then I would suggest exporting them from Outlook.