When will Exchange Activesync be supported, including sync of calendar and contacts?

I was informed that support for Exchange Activesync (e.g. for outlook.com) should be in version 5, but that does not seem to be the case.


Exchange support will be definitely released in 6th version (in our testing version it is already implemented), so please be a little more patient.
We plan to release it in mid to late autumn.


Do you mean raw Exchange support, or ActiveSync support? To clarify, Outlook 2007 (to pick one) supports using an Exchange server over the LAN, but not remote ActiveSync support. My company uses a GroupWise backend but has ActiveSync available for mobile clients – ActiveSync itself would be AWESOME for me and well worth the price of the pro version in and of itself, yet straight up Exchange support would be useless for my GroupWise backend. Can you differentiate which one will be included in the 6th release? Thanks in advance!

My colleague meant ActiveSync.

Edit: eM Client uses Exchange Web Services, not ActiveSync.

So ActiveSync is not currently supported?

That is what I finally got… after using the originally post as why I would buy a license with lifetime support.  So, to be succint, the current version of eMclient does *NOT* support ActiveSync itself, but supports Exchange using Exchange Web Services.  Which is useless if your company, like mine, uses GroupWise and supports ActiveSync but not Exchange Web Services.