When typing in the TO: box

When typing in the TO: box most pop-up suggestion are junk. How do I clean it up?

Try this:

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Sorry no cigar. The invalid recipient is not displayed.
The current email is displayed and email from previous job is also displayed in popup list.

I do not understand…

Unfortunately I do not understand…

Screenshots may come in handy to enhance understanding

The invalid email does not appear using your method to remove it.

Your original post made no mention of an invalid email, so screen shots and/or clarification will explain.

What do you think junk emails are?

You did not mention anything about “junk emails”…

Enjoy fixing it yourself!

Well it’s the third time I’ve posted this issue. I guess I can live with it another 10 years,

Other than clearing the Recipients History as @sunriseal suggested, the only other place contact information can be stored to include as a suggestion when typing in the To filed, is in your contacts.

Maybe search your contacts for one of these junk suggestions, as some email providers automatically collect email addresses you have replied to, and store them in a separate folder within your contacts.