When trying to send E-mail from another application

When trying to send E-mail or attachment from another application it fails to open E-mail Client and comes up with an error notice that says “EmClient has not been installed properly” or wording meaning that! AND in the mean time it will continue to throw up hundreds of the “Error Notices” and if one can’t stop it quickly you finish up with a STACK OF ERROR NOTICES on your screen and can take some time to get rid of them!!??

Can you try something please:

  1. If you can manage it, make a backup using Menu > Backup. If not, skip this step.

  2. Close and uninstall eM Client, making sure NOT to delete the database folder when asked. That will ensure all your data and settings are there later.

  3. If it exists, delete the C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client folder.

  4. Download and install the latest version from the Release History.

  5. Restart eM Client and try again.