When syncing contacts via carddav with owncloud i got the error: gdi+ system.drawing.bitmap..ctor (stream stream).

unfortunately i cannot copy paste the text of the error window for further details.

most of the contacts are imported, but not all.

enable CardDAV logging for the problematic account in the menu Tools - Settings - Advanced, restart eM Client and simulate the problem. Then send us the logs using the same logging settings window. Thank you very much.

Logging enabled, but I don’t know if there is a delta…

This is not the log I asked you for - can you please open your Settings and enable CalDAV logging there? Thank you.

Now, I got it. Sorry, but the log file contains all my contacts and I do not want to spread them. Can I search the log for certain buzz words and post a snippet to this forum?

That is hard to explain. I do not want you to post the log here but I can assure you that if you send it directly to support@emclient.com all your data will be preserved.