When sorting by 'From", unable to list in date descending order (newest on top) by default

When sorting emails by “From”, it always sorts them in date ascending order (newest bottom) and *never* saves my “Mail” configuration/setting (in the preferences menu) to sort by date descending (newest top). This makes it very challenging to quickly sort by From and see the latest email received by someone, as I have to scroll down on their name every time.


I don’t understand your issue, for me when I sort by “From” it always sort out only by name of person from who I got my mail. It does not affect time/date by any chance.

can you show me screenshots of your issue here?



I have a similar problem. If I first sort my emails by “Received” in descending order (newest top), and then by “Category” I end up with the emails without a category at the top but in ascending order, followed by the emails with a “Category” also in ascending order.

What I would like is the emails without a category at the top in descending order, followed by emails by category, also in descending order.

Any help is mostly appreciated.

What version of eM Client do you use?