when sending mail to gmail accounts, it ends up in Spam folder ?

Like the title says, when sending from em Client to my friends on Gmail it ends up in spam folder on Gmail side. If I use another client like ms outlook the same plain text mail goes with no problem ? Is it something that client is sending that gmail considers a spam ? I am on version 6.0.23181.0
Anybody have the same problem ?


Hello Ivo, unfortunately I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to as I was unable to replicate this issue. If you’re having with your messages ending up in the junk folder, please make sure your email account is not filtered through the recipient’s junk filter or blacklist rule that may be filtering your domain. Unfortunately eM Client does not include any junk filtering options so this is more likely a question to the recipient’s server host site, if the message is being blocked due to a reason.


Hi Paul,

just to make sure we are on the same page. I am using em client to send mail to my friends who have their e-mail accounts on gmail. When I try to send them email trough em-client they get the mail but it is in the spam folder on their gmail account. Seconds after that I use ms outlook sending exact same mail and then it is deliverd correctly to inbox folder. I can replicate the problem numers times.

Cant figure out why ? First I thought it was something from your client so i try to send as plain text but something else is marking it as spam on Gmail/spam filter.

Did you try to send mail to someone Gmail who didnt marked you as trusted ?



This problem is it to you with all your contacts who have a Gmail account?
It is they who announce that the mail you sent is received them in their spam box ???
Quite complicated to configure Gmail Growkits !!

Hello, I’m not really sure how to replicate this issue as I was unable to replicate the issue using plain text message between test accounts. If a gmail account filters a gmail account as SPAM that’s quite odd, try to follow some of these instructions on how to avoid this issue - https://support.google.com/mail/answer/9008?hl=en .