When responding, preset tags used in Email

Hey Guys and Girls,
i am planing to change to “eM client” just for the tag function and “Sort-Folders”.
It already works a lot like planned. I still have one issue though:

When i answer an email with the tags “Electrictiy” and “2020” for example, my reply should inherit those tags automatically. Right now when i click on “reply” no tag is preset and i have to do it manually.
I had a look at the rules and settings but could find a solution.

Would be happy if anyone could help.
Best regards and thanks in advance

It can’t be done by Rule.

But here’s the thing; if you assign a tag to a message you receive, and then reply to the message, the whole conversation will have that tag by association. So if you filter by tag you will see the original plus the reply even though the reply does not actually have a tag.