When replying, add the signature below the quoted email

How can I have the signature added at the end of an email, after the quoted text, when replying? Currently, when I reply to an email, the signature is added before the text of the quoted reply.

unfortunately this is not possible in eM Client, but I’ll change this post to an Idea so other users can join in and vote for this feature.
If the user feedback will be sufficient we might add the feature in future releases.

Thank you,

This is one major issue that prevents me from using eM client - I like to reply by selectively quoting the original message with my answers interleaved. The option to add the signature underneath the quoted text is needed to be able to do this.

Yes, when replying, my signature appears first instead of last. The only workaround is to not include the signature in the settings, then add it manually when replying.

I was missing this feature today.

Any updates on this? Having this feature would make me an eM user…