When opening I get sent to another account inbox

Sometimes when I open eMClient I get sent to the inbox of a mail account I don’t use much instead of opening the last opened one. This in v6 was different. Maybe a bug?

Hello Javier,
please go to Tools>Settings>General>General and under the General section check what settings you have for the last item - Show on startup.
You might want to choose to open your main Inbox no matter what instead of the Last Selected Folder.


I do want to show the Inbox of my main account but it shows the Inbox of an account that I wasn’t using and was hidden on the tree. That lead me to sending messages from an account I don’t normally use. That is also random makes the issue even more depressing.

I workarounded this by setting a specific folder.
Don’t know if that was how I had it on v6 but it’s bad you didn’t bring back the setting when migrated.