When in Signature Manager it would be great to be able to save a Subject line

When replying to clients with the same Subject line it would be nice when using the auto insert to have a Subject line auto complete too save writing the same response, day in day out.

When replying to a message the subject doesn’t change. It is just prepended with a RE: so the recipient knows it is a reply to his previous message of that subject. That is the standard used in all email applications.

But if there is text you use regularly in the message body, you can use the Quick Text function to insert it without having to retype it day in day out.

Hi, I am not replying - this is a new email

You can use a template.

Normally it is preset for new messages, but you can click the down-arrow in the New button and choose Mail > Template. Then select a suitable template before you begin composing your message.


Off out now but will check it out later - tnx