When I upgraded to 7.1 all of my local folders disappeared

When I upgraded to 7.1 all of my local folders disappeared

Was this an upgrade from 7.0 to 7.1?  If yes, make sure menu/tools/settings/general/general/“Show local folders” is checked.  If you are upgrading from version 6 and they still don’t appear after the above, you may have missed the import option during the upgrade.  Go to menu/file/import and select “eM Client 6”

Go to menu/file/import and select “eM Client 6”… did that… it wants to know which folder on my PC to get the data from… so where do I go to do that? I tried the Programme Files folder but it says those things (Settings, Rules, Search Folders, Signatures and Templates) aren’t in there?
Please help.

If you didn’t move from the original location, it should go to the correct place by default.  The actual location is c:\users[user_name]\AppData\Roaming\eM Client

Thanks Jay. (Edited Post)… I think I found the folders and importing now… I’ll let you know if it doesn’t work - thanks again :slight_smile:

Yes.  Uninstall version 7 and reinstall version 6.  Version 7 should not disturb your version 6 data files, do when you open v. 6 everything should be as it was.  This assumes you did not move your data files.

Another little query - why does mail stay in the outbox as if it hasn’t been sent when it has? Being indicated by being red?

It should not.  I noticed quite a few complaints today from Yahoo users.  Looks like Yahoo changed something.  Do you Yahoo?

Jay - hi. No. I think the other main problem I have is that I seem to be Offline - permanently - nothing is sending or receiving. I have it available through my Firewall. When I close eM Client and then open it again I get a pop up which says:
“This version of eM Client is newer than what your account licence permits. To continue using eM Client you will have to renew your licence or downgrade to a version lower than If you proceed now downgrading might not be possible anymore and you might have to renew the licence.”
As I have already opened the software and imported my eM Client v6 files I probably can’t downgrade (as the only version on my PC is 7.1 and I don’t know where to get the v6.9.0.0 from anyway).
But what I’m confused about is I have a pro licence activated in 2015. Is that not valid anymore?
And now that I’ve opened the software again I get another pop up message:
“This version of eM Client is newer than what your account licence permits. You may access your offline data but online synchronisation and the sending of emails are disabled. In order to continue using this version you need to renew your licence”
And when I go and put my old Activation Code into the Renew License page I get sent to a Shopping Cart where I seem to be purchasing “eM Client 7 PRO” for £15.54. And the other pop up in the software now says:
“Once you renew your licence online, please restart eM Client”.

Just so I understand what’s going on… I had a version of eM Client which I (must have in the past) paid a licence for. When I upgraded to 7.1 I know have to pay for another license. In the email for the upgrade to 7.1 it  refers to purchasing a Single Upgrade for £12.95 (£15.54 + VAT) or a Lifetime Upgrade for £27 (£32.54). Is the Single “Upgrade” a Single “License” … and the Lifetime “Upgrade” a Lifetime “License”? And what’s the difference between the Single Upgrade and the Lifetime Upgrade?

Lots of questions I know Jay - I’ll thank you (or anyone else who can help) in advance :slight_smile:


[UPDATE] - so I went ahead and purchased the Lifetime Upgrade… I open and close eM Client - emails download but then it goes Offline again and ask me to renew my license again? When I see my license details (Menu > Help > License) it says I still have the Pro License from 2015. There is an option to “Deactivate” this. Should I do that? Will that solve my problems and make everything work?

All sorted! :slight_smile: