When I try to delete an account, it gets stuck at the screen where it says 'this may take a while'.

I can’t seem to delete accounts since EMClient gets stuck.

Not much more detail to provide here :slight_smile:

Hi, could you tell me how long it takes? If you have large database it can take up to few minutes.


Hi Jan, thanks for your answer!

About 2 hours and counting :slight_smile:

I made the mistake to import all accounts from thunderbird.
It might have to do with the fact that I have never setup a password?
I just would like to get rid of all accounts except 2.
I alrady tried to remove the software (with all preferences etc.) and reinstall it, but that didn’t solve the problem.

Thanks again.

Then if you are still experience this issue, best will be to delete database and start fresh with created account and items synchronized from the server instead of importing it.