When I open any contact on Version 7.0.27943.0 the contact card it is totally fragmented.

When I open any contact on Version 7.0 the contact card it is totally fragmented.  It appears like a jigsaw that needs to be shuffled together to see the full picture.  On every occasion, I have to close the contact and open it again.  I discovered that this resolves the immediate problem.  If I try to open another contact, the same problem arises. I have pesevered with this for months, trying different workarounds but with little or no success. I am reluctant to download the latest version, given my many disappointments with 7.0

One thing you could try is to repair the contact folder. Right-click on the contact folder that is giving you problems and select Properties. Then choose the Repair option. What this will do is delete your existing contacts and download them again from the server. It is always advisable to make a backup before doing something like this.

I think if you were to contact support they would advise you to upgrade to the latest version. The version you are on is more than a year old, and there have been many fixes and improvements since then.

If you have any doubts about upgrading, first make a backup. After you have upgraded, if there are any problems, simply uninstall eM Client and install the old version again. You can download all previous versions at http://www.emclient.com/release-history Just click on the version number to download. The backup is there if something goes wrong, but there shouldn’t be any problems downgrading to that version from the latest.

Thank you very much Gary for such a prompt and exceptionally helpful response.  I tried your first suggestion but I do not have the Repair option when I select Properties, i.e. right click on a contacts folder, select properties and then choose the Repair option.  The only options (tick boxes) are Show in Agenda; Show in all Contacts Folder.

Anyhow, your support gave me the confidence to update to V. 7.1.30794.0 and everything appears to be working fine, especially the key problem relating to fragmentation on opening a contact. There isn’t a Repair option in the new version either!

Sorry, the repair option is not there for local contacts, only those on an IMAP server.

Hope everything continues to work well for you.