When i open a contact that has a meeting and a task, how can i see the meeting and task associated with them

Is there a tab or something i’m missing? I go to the contact and there are no tasks or meetings associated with them…thanks…where are they?

Hi Matt,

I also don’t know whether eM Client can show the meetings and tasks associated with a selected contact.

I know that you can view contact details of a selected contact in the right side bar, which you can enable via View --> Sidebar

screen shot:

By clicking on the ‘star’ in this right side bar (top right corner), you can specify if you want to show e-mails, chat messages and Skype calls.

screen shot:

NB: you can only see this ‘star’ by hovering with your mouse over the top right corner.

screen shot:

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It wasn’t.

Along with the show mail, chat, calls, there should be another button that says show Appointments or calendar events or something along those lines.

Under scheduling on calendar i can add them to the appointment…but i have a lot of clients and a lot of appointments, often i might be speaking with someone and in other software…while i have their contact info open…because I’m making notes…I can also see when my next apt is with them…of if I need to schedule one…instead of going to calendar where it is not even going to find them…if their name is not in the title.

This also causes another problem, if later i want to see how frequently or often i have had appointments with a client there is now no history of that attached to the contact…

It’s making tracking awful redundant. As I have to make a note for each thing that should just be associated with that given client.

unfortunately this is not possible with eM Client as it’s purpose is mainly an email client, what you’re describing sounds more like a customer management functionality that’s out of eM Clients area.

However you can create an idea for this functionality and let other users vote on it and if the users think this is what eM Client needs we might add these features in future releases.

Hope you understand,

Thanks, I guess I’m barking up the wrong tree.