when I enter in a new mail the beginning of an address or domain, only 10 suggestions are displayed. I need all suggestions. What can i do?

Not enough Adressuggestions

As you continue to type the address the suggestions will change according to what you type. When you see the address you want just click on it. Do the same for each address you want to type in. 


Thank you for quick answer. 

I test the homeversion to buy this then for my company.

Sometimes I do not know the name of a contact of a company.
So i type only the domain in the adressfield. But here are 10 suggestions to less.
Can the list be extended? (like Thunderbird)
Otherwise i can not use it for my professional needs with a lot of Contacts.
Thank you for answer.

I agree this is a problem. There are a maximum of 10 addresses displayed and no option to scroll down for more even if there are more matches. Unfortunately there is no way to change this.

very sad but thanks for the reply

rather then type in part of the addressee     select the   “TO”    and a full  l search of your contacts will appear.  You can then do a search and it can scroll thru your entire contact list attached to your email account if you have one.

Yes that is an option and you could also do it through the Contacts tab; many extra steps to do something that could easily be done without the extra clicks.

Yes it would be nice if it did that but the alternative is only 2 clicks
           click TO             
          then type in search             
          Select what you want.

Request an enhancement

Actually, it is 6 clicks.  :slight_smile:

  •   click on To
  •   click in the Filter Contacts box
  •   click to scroll down
  •   double click on the contact
  •   click on OK

If you have named all your company contacts by the name of the company you can then find the contact email address by searching for the name of the company instead of the email address. Example - Company name ABC. Type in “A” or “a”. it is not case sensitive, and it will bring up every, up to 10, email contacts that has an “a” in the email address or name. Then type in “b” and it will then show every, up to 10, email address or name that has an “ab” in it. The email address you want should be showing. If not, type in “c” and that will show all the contacts, up to ten, that have “abc” in the email address or name including the ABC company. You can narrow it down to who you want very quickly.