When does backup occur?

How do I know if/when the backup runs? Does EM have to be running for the backup to work? I read Help and see practically no real information. 

As an aside to make it easy to understand my question…
I have always used Outlook so backing up/restoring PST’s has been a very easy task. I really like EM Client but need to make sure the backup/restore process is as simple. 

First you need to set the backup. Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Backup.

Then when the backup runs, you will see a notification in the bottom left of the application:

You can always confirm it has run in the Log. Menu > Tools > Operations.

Or go to the directory you set for the backups, and see the file there.

So it is very simple. Just set it up once, and forget about it.

eM Client does not need to be running for the backup to take place, but if it is running, it takes place in the background so you can continue with what you are doing.

Excellent!  When does it run?

It is not possible to set a specific time in eM Client, but if you have set it for daily it will run at the same time every day, starting from when you set it. However, you can change the time and frequency in Windows Task Scheduler.

In Windows 10, click the start button and type Task. Select Task Scheduler from the results.

Navigate down to eM Client Database Backup and you can change the settings under Triggers.

Perfect! Maybe the Help file can be updated to include this valuable information.