When creating a rule is there a way to specify all words? Essentially I need 'AND' and the rule only appear to allow 'OR'.

If I create a rule that looks for words in the subject and a I add two words to the list “big” and “bird” the rule matches either big or bird. I need it to match big *and* bird. Putting in “big bird” as a word doesn’t work, because I also need the rule to match if the subject contains big, yellow bird.

I don’t want a match if the subject is ‘big yellow taxi’.

Is there any way to do this? I haven’t found any kind of switch to toggle OR to AND.


Hi, we do not support boolean logic in rules and it is not planned at this moment.


Why is emclient such as unprofessional concearning mail filtering?

I really need this functionality as well. Please consider adding it!