When are you going to add google hangouts video meetings to the Calendar?

Please add link to google hangouts video meetings to your calendars. i have a lot of meetings using google hangouts I need the link to be able to join the meeting.   If not, having this program open and google calendar doesn’t make any sense.

Please fix the issue with Calendar alarm keep going off I have to keep hitting dismiss. 

Hello Jackie,
we have not checked the options for including hangouts in calendar yet so I cannot say when/if this feature will be available. I’m sure our developers will look into the options when they go looking for new features.

As for the Alarm issue - what is the problem exactly? The reminder should pop up at the specified time before the event. If you do not wish to have any reminders, set your calendars default reminder to ‘No reminders’.


Any news about integrating a link to Google meet" meeting into eM? (and/or other video conferencing services)? This feature would be of a very high need!