What's the cheapest way to get a second license?

I have two PCs, and would like to use EM Client on both. I have downloaded it on both, and requested an (free/personal) activation code. This I have used on my first PC. 

I would like to be able to use EM Client on my second PC, but I keep getting asked to activate my license code. 

I don’t need a pro account - it’s just for my personal use. 

What’s the cheapest way for me to get a second license?

If you are married  get the license under your wife’s email account for the other pc.

I’m not married unfortunately…

So - could someone just create a second email account, get the second license key, and then use the license keys on two different machines with the same (original) email address?

The license can only be used on a single computer that is why you need to deactivate it on one before using it on another computer.

The solution is to simply register a second Free License using another email addresses and activate that on the other computer. The email address used to register the license has no connection at all to the address of the email account setup in eM Client.