What the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1)  I can not use the button in the email you sent me below, because the
URL is so long the browser says it can not connect to the server
WHY oh WHY do you need such a long URL? there is enough numbers and letters in this URL to address every person in the world 1000 times+
2) The database back up window is the same window that reports the error
“An error occurred while packing files”
3) No I am unable to send you a copy of this box
You do not need it anyway as I have described all there is to see above.
4) Why the hell can I not “reply” to this support Email, have you all GONE MAD
Why do companies make asking for support so difficult?
Next you will be asking me why I have decided to use another more friendly email client.
You do not deserve to have any customers!!!
John Jones
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Hello John,
could you screenshot the error that you encounter during backup?


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Sorry for the long URL, the forum generates them automatically and we unfortunately have no way of influencing that.

Now, for your issue - make sure the destination folder for the backup is not marked as “read-only” or otherwise blocked (possibly by an antivirus) and that there’s plenty of disk space available. Without a screenshot of the error or a log, I’m sadly unable to provide a more detailed analysis of your problem.