What mobile app do you recommend?


The question to developer and users: I know that Em does not have an app. However, what mobile app for ios would you recommend that is compatible with Em and at the similar caliber in terms of features and being an advance solution


Compatibility with your email provider is probably more important than other considerations. If your provider has its own app, that is probably the best solution. 

Otherwise Apple’s own could be considered the best on iOS; shortest path etc. 

For third-party apps Outlook is arguably the best available right now. 

I agree with Gary-- I am an Android user and I use Outlook.  When I was an iPhone user, I used Outlook as well.  I believe it’s the best one out there.  And I’ve tried them all.


Please educate me via any online resources/material on how to achieve the ‘compatibility with email provider’? In other words, what would constitute as a high-quality service provider?

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You can search for sites that compare email clients or email providers.

If you already have an email provider, just find a mobile app that works well with that provider. For the desktop option, eM Client works with most.