what is the difference between the sent and sentmail folders

I just installed emclient and set up for imap and smtp on my ISP. emclient created two sent mail folders: sent and sentmail

I tested sending a message and the sent mail ended up in _sent_. So why did emclient create two folders and what is the difference between them?

emclient did not create an outbox folder.  Where will messages that fail to be sent end up?


Hi, I believe the “sentmail” folder was not setup by eM Client but rather your server and may be the original sent folder that have been used prior to you using eM Client as your email client. The new folder was setup because eM client couldn’t detect the sent folder as it’s name is not standard, but you should be able to change the default folder settings in eM client, just go to Tools > Accounts > Your account > IMAP > Default folders, disable the option to detect default folder names automatically and change the setting from Sent to sentmail and save the settings.

Then the sentmail folder should be taken in account as the default sent folder.
Outbox is a local feature, if eM client fail to send a message, the message will be in a global outbox.

Hope this helps,