What is newest version out.

Is there a newer vision out than 7.0.26687.0 as a lot of problems has been posted sense this version was posted back in July of the year. I’m getting notifyed by email that it’s ready, but I don’t see a newer vision out yet. Do not want to install a version with many problems.



Thanks for your post Andreas but, the release I posted is the one on the latest release page. I was asking if there was a later version than that one that was not posted in the release web site. Not sure if the July one is a good one yet.

My idea was that that is the source where you can check what the newest release is :wink: Why would there be a “better” release out that is not officially communicated? Though, there is a pre-release 7.0.26787 that was posted here in the forums but that has been posted only to address one particular gui-issue and is not recommended for anyone to install who is not particularly bugged by that :wink: