what is going on?

Why oh why are there so many apparent problems with emclient? It seems dreadfully unstable now. I still can’t receive emails and so many people have problems. Suddenly everything has gone to the dogs.Time to see what other software is out there. Maybe Pegasus.

eM Client seems more stable than usual, but that is just my experience

However it does seem that some providers have recently had some issues. If it is with one particular provider, setup an account with someone else and see if the same issues are there. If they are not, then maybe time to contact your provider. There are a few that are well know for their problems. BT here in the UK is one that regularly changes their server with misconfigured options. Their decision to move their email to another big problem, Yahoo!, just compounds the issues. But for most they seem to be OK.

It may also be that a recent update of eM Client for some reason no longer works with a specific provider. If you noticed this after upgrading, then you can uninstall eM Client, and download and install the previous working version from the Release History.

Or another possibility is that some issue has been addressed in a more recent version of eM Client, which you may not be using. The recent changes to Microsoft Exchange is an example. You can check the Release History again and see if there is a more recent version. If you are willing, the beta version of eM Client 8 is available to try.

Anyway, please feel free to open a new thread with whatever issue it is, and hopefully someone (less biased) can assist you solving the problem. If you have a Pro License you can also take advantage of the VIP Support option and get direct assistance from eM Client. They usually respond within 24 hours during the work week, and can assist you through email or through a remote session.

A final solution may be to uninstall eM Client and install another application that does work for you. I have always maintained that there is no point in struggling with one application if another works perfectly.