What is eM Client's default font?

Would someone please remind me of eM Client’s default reading font for mail? I have been playing around with them and can’t remember the original - which I like best of all! Many thanks.

Hi Ian,

I’m using ‘Tahoma’ at 12 points … I’m not sure if that’s the default font for reading messages.

Thanks for that, Hans, but I don’t think it is. Hopefully someone from eM Client will know the answer. I’m furious with myself for playing around with the fonts without making a note of the original!

Hi Ian, Hans is actually right, the default font for eM Client is Tahoma.


Hi Ian,

Maybe you were using ‘Consolas’?

No, it wasn’t Consolas. Must have been Tahoma. Thanks both.

Can’t work it out! I’m now using Constantia 12pt but it’s nothing like how it used to be. Infuriating (but my own fault!).

Hi again Ian, as suggested above, the default font for eM Client is Tahoma 12pt.

Thank you for understanding,

Here’s a screen-shot to show you what I’m getting, Paul. The font in the second column is ideally what I’d like to be able to read all messages (except, obviously, HTML ones).

The fonts seem to be pretty equal to me, however as I noted default reading size is 12pt and the default font is Tahoma, I’m sorry Ian but there’s not much I can assist you with regarding this issue.

You can adjust the settings up to your standards, in Tools > Settings > Appearance/Mail.

Thank you,