What is correct URL for CalDav URL for iCloud?

I tried everything to let synchronise my iPhone Calendar with emclient but no go. I allways get a red mark on the right of ‘synchronise’ . I have an App-specific password, but still no go. Did Apple stop with this ? If no, can anybody give me the correct CalDAV URL for iCloud ?


and https://contacts.icloud.com/ for CardDAV (contacts)

I modified the URL for iCloud but still the same symptom :slight_smile:
Screenshot 2022-02-14 153924

The strange thing is that I did not change anything and some months ago I suddenly got the message. But from than on, I always get the message. I think that Apple modified something else too …

Can you remove and re-add the account using the app password. eM Client should find the correct URI.

Dear Gary, I add new account (with a new password generated in iCloud account). Calendars and notes work properly but I am not able to add contact from iCloud, please can you help me?