What if eM Client closes.

I use the free version of eM Client.  I keep a number of important files and photos in Dropbox which which will only open with eM Client.  I am concerned lest at some future date eM Client should withdraw its free version or even go out of business leaving me unable to open these files and photos.  Is there any insurance I should take to avoid such a catastrophe?

I have the same fears because it appears to be a failing system? I have been with eM client for a number of years who had excellent product and back up service but since their expansion and upgrade from 6 to 7  I feel all the wheels are falling off?

Hello Gordon,

We are happy for your care of eM Client.

Don’t worry, we do not plan neither withdrawing our FREE version of eM Client nor closing the business. If you want to be sure that your data files are safe, you can export all important messages to .eml files which is the easiest format to read.

With regards,
Russel Markosky
eM Client

Thanks Russel for your reassuring reply.  I have used eM Client for a number of years and find it an excellent email manager.
Kind regards,