What happens to emails that have been added to the blacklist?

My email account was recently hacked and the hacker subscribed me to thousands of newsletters, various online accounts, etc. I started to go through the emails and unsubscribe one by one and soon realized that this will take forever. I noticed a junk email option that blacklists the email sender. If a new email is sent by a sender on the blacklist will it appear as a bounced email on the sender’s host server and trigger a halt to future emails?

jueves 12 agosto 2021 :: 2046hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Lucient

Sorry to hear of your situation.
Emails that you receive that are blacklisted are not bounced and in all probability the senders email will be a spoof.
The blacklist will either be the full email address or the domain, and if you try to do this yourself you will be facing an impossible task.
The action you take is dependant upon several things:
Your ISP and the facilities they provide to block spam/spoof/blacklist email
Is your email business or personal?
You could simply dump your email address, perhaps not practical.
We have our own mail server so our situation is some what different we use MWES Server to block spam etc (www.firetrust.com)
An individual or business could use MWP locally to sit between internet and email client, again from firetrust.
Both excellent products, MWP is the market leader with over 8million users.
We used MWP from 2004 and upgraded to MWES in 2018 when launched - we have never been let down.
You can view both products at:
https://www.firetrust.com free trials are available.
We have no connection with the company - we just think these products are great an help to promote a safer internet.
Their VPN is also excellent, it is the most secure and fastest we have come across - we use this for our company as an extra security.
¡Saludos desde la soleada España!