What happened to my licence ???

I have been using eM Client with free licence for several months and all of the sudden, this morning, I don’t have a licence !!!  No warning at all !!!

The Help does not have an option to renew it !!!

Is the eM Client supposed to be a fair dinkum application ??

I think I know what the problem is. My everyday computer is my desktop PC. Yesterday I had to use my laptop (which sits in the cupboard most of the time) and  eM Client asked me for licence. So it would appear that my desktop eM Client lost the licence to my laptop.

How silly - most people would have two devices these days.

Hello aussie,

Yes, what you’re describing was indeed caused by activating the license on another device. We’re sorry if you don’t agree with our one license per device policy, we’d however like to point out that eM Clients licenses have other features, e.g. the licenses don’t expire and, in case of the Pro licenses, include all updates of the purchased version.


So i can use 2 device but not at the same time? When i switch pc, also license switch?

Hello Stefano,

Yes, that would be the case. There is no limit to how often a license can be activated.