what happened to attachment in email that is now in sent folder

sent email successfuly with attachment, now attachment missing in sent email list

does this issue happen only with certain mail accounts or was this a stand-alon issue?
How big was the attachment?
Is this an IMAP/POP/Exchange mail account?


Hi Olivia,
I’m the poster.  By accident (since email client basically has no tutorial) I found that the command “expand” file brought up the attachment.  But now I don’t know how to find the expand command when I need it or where.  I have a popup account, and this involved only one email of about 3 typed pages in the attachment.

Hello Greifenklau,
there is some information found in our documentation page (Menu>Help>Contents).
I am still not sure what exactly you cannot find.
Is the problem perhaps with the conversation view perhaps?