What does VIP Support mean to eM Client?

What’s the average time for eM Client’s support to provide an answer on a problem that’s been described as CRITICAL - for their VIP Support? And what do they mean when they say their Engineers are going to provide remote assistance? Just curious since I purchased eM client primarily for their support yet I haven’t seen anything yet.

Hello Stefanie,

We are sorry that we couldn’t offer help sooner but our VIP Support guarantees a reply in 24 hrs. As I see your ticket it has been only 10 hours since you created it, so my colleagues will get to your issue as soon as possible.

Thank you for understanding.


Hi Russell,

First, thanks for writing me back.  

Next - can you please tell me where it says the terms of VIP Support on your site (in particular, where you can find this prior to purchasing the product)?  I swear I’ve searched and could not find them anywhere . And truly, given the help I needed and the timetable I was working with, had I known that 24 hours was the turn around for emergency and critical support, I would have looked for a different product.  I’m not trying to be difficult - it’s just the reality of the situation I was dealing with.  I purchased the paid plan entirely for access to engineers who could support me remotely.  I had no idea I’d be waiting this long.  So if you could show me that, I’d feel much better knowing I just overlooked it.


Hello Stefanie,

I apologise for misinformation from my last reaction. In fact we deleted this information from our website after we released the new version 7.1 as we experienced a significant surge in the support request. I can still assure you that we keep the “24-hrs working week response period” as our internal support policy and we usually reply even sooner. 


I also have this issue with open tickets well in excess of 24 hours.

In my experience, they have been pretty good.

I am at 48 hours with an open ticket. I tried their support email also.

48 business hours?  That is very strange.

I am new to this program and really like the features. As I run a large customer service myself, I can’t much for what they call VIP support. That sad, since you have experience with the program, maybe you have the answer and that you…

If you refund and I upgrade to 4 licenses, will the current email program I set up be affected in any way. AND, when I install the new licenses on different machines, will the new machines mirror the original setup (same settings)? 

sorry for the typos

I have never timed the response time, but I have also found it to be pretty good. It is not instant like some others, but usually the same day. I also would not expect my problems to be solved within 24 hours, because they are not those kind of problems. They usually involve data being passed to the developers, and are solved with the next release. So I am waiting some months before the issue is resolved for me. :slight_smile:

Would I like an instant response from support, Yes. Do I need it, No.

Hello Mindrunner,

I’m sorry to read that our Support team didn’t provide you solution or at least a reply in 48 hours. Could you please send me your Ticket No. so I can urge your issue and help you ASAP?

Thank you,

Had a question and requested clarification.
Ticket No.: #64377
Since then, I have received a refund and purchased 3 new Pro licenses.
Yesterday I emailed corporate and Juraj Micek responded in a timely manner.
Juraj explained “Anthony was out off the office due to illness and we somehow missed your ticket. We’ll review our internal processes and will take adequate actions to make sure it won’t happen again…” I fully understand and appreciate the response, About an hour ago I closed out the ticket.
Thank you.


I am glad to hear that it is solved by now.