What does 'synchronisation of items' mean?

When I check under settings/general I get 2 things to check: ‘synchronisation at startup’ and
'synchronize items every … minutes". Since I don’t what synchronisation means I don’t know if and what to check.


Synchronisation in this case simply means Download new mail or calendar info etc
from the server.

You can see it as an equalizer - At the source -  the mail server, you have mail.
The destination  - the mail client -has- let’s say-nothing yet.
Synchronisation will bring the mail to the mail client, so afterwards you’ll have the same mail
in the client as there is on the server.

On your computer you can do the same with the content of a folder in one location
and sync it with another folder in a different location
After the synchronisation,   both folders will have the same content.

Back to  eM Client.

You can try this for yourself, but I found that the settings are not adhered to

i.ow.  it seems that eMC has its own mind about that.

Try one setting at a time eg  Sync at Startup and see what happens.
Then try the interval in minutes - set it to 10 min and watch that it waits  10 min before
it connects to the server again,

My experience is that it ignores the setting and sync’s whenever it wants to…

i have all the relevant sync boxes un-ticked and eM Client still syncs at startup and whenever a new mail arrives on the servers. But I only have IMAP and Exchange accounts. Maybe the sync  options are only relevant for POP3 accounts.

I’ll if that works. Thank you so much! Now, would either one of you know why pics that are inside emails show for about 1 second and then disappear? I have to hit forward and then I see an attachment which contains that particular pic. I On occasion they stay. t’s been driving me nuts.