What does it do this?

I tried to make an account in emClient and when I clicked on the Finish button it led me to a Microsoft page where they wanted me to login.


What does Microsoft have to do with making an account in emClient?

The browser opens at the end of the automatic email wizard to normally allow eM Client access to your Microsoft email account.

If you don’t have 2 step verification enabled in your Microsoft account via the eM Client automatic wizard, that usually means you probably need an eg: “App Password” from your Microsoft acct (additonal security) area when setting up the account in eM Client wizard instead of your normal email password. I personally would setup 2 step verification as safer option if you don’t already.

So go to your Microsoft account / Security area and see what you have setup. Once you have the right password, you will normally then get a Microsoft “Allow” access type button in a browser window at the end of the wizard which then will shortly go away back to eM Client.

I don’t think I have a Microsoft account. I still don’t see what setting up an email program has to do with Microsoft. If I decide to continue with this email client I will post and probably need more help.

It has to do with Microsoft if that’s your email provider, e.g. if you have an email address with the domain “@outlook.com”. Which email provider do you use?

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Yes as @eisbaer says looks like a Microsoft acct as you mentioned “it led me to a Microsoft page where they wanted me to login”. Which does sound like you have an email address ending in eg: @outlook, @hotmail or @live account etc. So need to know whats after the @ in your email.

Mediacom is my internet service provider. I do not have an email address that ends in outlook or hotmail or live.


Mediacom is my internet service provider

You might have then some type of Outlook Microsoft IMAP or Exchange similar mailbox which needs certain authentication which is needed for your cloud mailbox at Mediacom to access via a mail client using the automatic wizard setup.

Or you may have to manually setup your IMAP, Exchange accounts via eM Client using the Add Account / Mail option, once you have the correct mail settings.

So I would contact your mailbox support via website or phone and check first all the mail settings and password for using mail clients, and also if you have to use an app password or 2 step verification etc and if you do what they are.