What criteria does eM Client use for Junk E-Mail?

eM Client tech support: How does eM Client decide when to move a message to the Junk E-Mail folder? Example: a friend wrote to me in a thread where he’d replied once before. The first time he replied, his message went to my Inbox. The next time he replied, it went to Junk E-Mail.

That I know of, eM Client doesn’t have a spam filter of its own. I don’t have a rule for this person’s mail, or for mail containing a particular subject-line. So what criteria might eM Client be using to send his second message to Junk E-Mail?

Probably your service provider has spam filtering?  I know mine (gmail) does and they change the algorithms on occasion thus making seemingly inconsistent spam classifications.  Unless you have rules or blacklisted a sender, eM Client will not move anything to spam.

By the way, I know you asked tech support, but I haven’t seen much of them lately (getting ready to release 7.1?), so I thought I would put in my 2 cents.

> Unless you have rules or blacklisted a sender, eM Client will not move anything to spam.

Somehow, it is moving certain messages to the Junk E-mail folder. I have no rules of any sort that would cause it, that I can find. As I say, it downloaded a friend’s message to Inbox one day and a follow-up message in the same thread (and from the same guy) to Junk E-mail the next day. The account in question is a POP3 account. That server moves certain messages flagged as spam to an Unverified folder — a folder that eM Client knows nothing about. So…I’m baffled.

If it is a POP3 account, than it is obviously not your provider, as POP3 only downloads mails from inbox.  A couple of things–
1.  There is a “Spam filter” item in the rules, but I think it is only if it is identified as spam in the email header (not sure about this) and
2.  Do you have a “Blacklist” item in your rules?  This can cause it to move as well.

Other than that, hmmmm…

Ah, so there IS a spam filter of sorts. eM Client won’t permit me to modify the spam filter item, so I can’t see what is in it (the program responds that the filter hasn’t been “composed in the wizard”). Not having any idea what the criteria are, I wouldn’t know how to “compose it in the wizard.” It would certainly be useful to see what that rule is doing. I don’t remember having blacklisted any mail. If there’s a list of blacklisted items, I don’t know yet where to find it.

The blacklist would be right below the “spam” filter.  While you can’t edit the spam filter, you can disable it by un-checking.  Try that and see if there is any difference.

View the email header in eM and look for indications that your email provider is applying spam filtering. If they are marking the message as Spam then eM could be seeing that and moving it to the Spam folder. My email provider is using a separate Spam program and it adds content to the email header, as like this;
X-SpamExperts-Class: ham
X-SpamExperts-Evidence: Combined (0.08)
X-Recommended-Action: accept

To view the header in eM click the little down arrow found in the upper right corner of the message from the preview window or the popup window when viewing the message.

I’ll check the headers — good idea. I doubt that the provider will have marked those messages as spam. Reason: all of the POP3 account’s mail is filtered through Spam Arrest, which takes any message it believes might be spam and moves it to an Unverified folder. eM Client can see only the Inbox (and not the Unverified) folder. But, it’s possible that my having whitelisted a given sender over-rides any spam-related information in the header. Thanks for the suggestion.

Phil D.: I think you nailed it. Some email system along the way has been putting spam-related data into certain messages’ headers, even though the messages aren’t spam. If a sender is whitelisted for my Spam Arrest account, his mail goes (correctly) to the Inbox there. eM Client finds the message in Inbox and downloads it — but then sees the spam-related data in the header and moves the message to Junk E-mail. If so … no mystery. It would be interesting to see exactly what’s in eM Client’s own spam rule, but I can’t figure out how to view it. So that part will have to remain a mystery. :slight_smile: