What "autodiscover settings" expects emclient?

We have an OS X 10.11 / Server 5.1.5,  for CalDAVs, CardDavs, IMAPS, SMTP and submission SRV records but automatic configuration does not work. What we need, or what might be wrong. 
One solution would be very important to us, we have a project with a company that puts on desk on Windows and on all mobile devices on iOS.

here ist the fidller Output

curl -k -i --raw -o 0.dat "https://FQDN/AccountsConfigService/api/?req=getTemplatesForUser"; -H "Host: FQDN"curl -k -i --raw -o 1.dat "https://FQDN/AccountsConfigService/api/?req=getTemplatesForUser"; -H “Host: FQDN”

curl -k -i --raw -o 2.dat “https://FQDN/AccountsConfigService/api/?req=getTemplatesForUser"; -H “Authorization: Digest username=“ruth”,realm=“FQDN”,nonce=“PvYUe1ZaEjry0ZXIzQqdmgU8MiIADYFE880kbWwcRkyIM5zN”,uri=”/AccountsConfigService/api/”,algorithm=“md5-sess”,cnonce=“383aaca5fb662aa57db2a47ea4574ff7”,nc=00000001,qop=“auth”,response=“cb6a32adba7dbca640413afc4e1d34f7"” -H “Host: FQDN”

Thank you in advance