What actually happens when you archive?

I’m in the process of re-doing my eMClient setup, because my four-year old installation was having significant problems with freezing, crashing, etc.  I reinstalled eMC, and it downloaded from the five IMAP accounts I use.  The new database is much smaller than the old one (which will hopefully lead to fewer problems, faster loading time, etc., but that’s another story) and, because I want to keep it “clean”, I thought I’d investigate archiving.  So I have a couple of questions:

Firstly, when you archive a message, is there a physically separate file that it is put into?  Is the main database changed at all by the archiving process, ie is the message deleted from the main database?  Secondly, if I’m searching for an email, is the archive included or do I have to do a separate search? Thirdly, one of the eMC features I love is the sidebar that shows all previous correspondence from that person.  Does archived correspondence show up in that view, or, again, would I have to separately search the archive?  And finally, I’m using a conversation view on my phone and I’d like to implement that in my main email files. Does eMC support conversation or threaded views and, if it does, how would archiving affect that?

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Hi Nigel, having eM client archive your messages, e.g. removing them from the server and saving them for local use only will not remove the data our of the main eM Client database, but will stop the message from synchronizing with all your devices.

Archive is included in the eM Client database files and can not be accessed separately unless you export the data out of eM Client using the export feature.

When using search , archive is usually not included in the search but if the search criteria matches doesn’t find any matches, you should be prompted if you want to search through trash and archive as well.
Using the search options by clicking on the dropdown icon in the search bar you can also enable searching through Archive by default.

eM client unfortunately does not support conversation view currently.

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