weird problem, impossible to import a particular pgp key

Dear folks,

as I am new to this forum: Hi guys! :wink:

I am evaluating em client on a MAC (latest OS). I have setup several e-mail accounts and imported pgp key pairs accordingly, mostly without any problem. These keys are all similar as they have been created using gpg tools on MAC. But one of the key pair fails to import. The error message is something like there was an error importing the key. I have tried to import the pub key only with the same result. The key is issued for two Ids, which shouldn’t be an issue because I sucessfully imporeted another multiple Id key pair. I tried limited validity as well as unlimited. My em client version is 7.2.33338.0.

Has someone faced this problem or has it been discussed already, if so pls kindly point me to the discussion.


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