Weird periodic error when using "reply" or "reply all"??

when replying to messages, I often get an error that states "Internet Explorer cannot open the internet site msg://eb6d431f…/viewable.

Operation aborted"

I have to either exit out of EM Client and wait a few minutes, or I have to keep trying over and over again until it works.


please use this version…


Thank you. I’ll try it and keep you posted.

Just wondering though… at my mother’s place, eMClient seems to be auto-updated to version 6.0.18101.0, yet the one on my own computer stopped at 5.0.18661.0.

Is there a reason for the discrepancy? Is it because my computer is on XP Pro, and hers is up to Windows 7??


6.0.18101.0 is open beta, did she opt for beta testing or has she installed it from another place?

5.0.18661.0 is last publicly released version.

Anyway 5th version does not offer upgrade to 6th yet (only for people who wanted it. but now everyone can download 6th beta) so she must have downloaded by herself.