Week view distorted after returning from minimized window

When I am in week view and I minimize the window to work on something else, the left most day’s appointments are all collapsed into narrow strips, rather than spanning the entire column for the day as usual. When I view the previous week, then the current week again, the week view is displayed properly again. I am running v. 5.0.17659.0 on Windows 7 64-bit.

can you please post here a screenshot? Thank you.

Hi George,

Here is a screenshot of the affected area. I have not included the whole screen, as it is a personal schedule, and this is a public forum :wink:

Best Regards, Ross

Hi George,

I isolated this bug and have additional details:

I installed emClient on another computer, and duplicated the problem.

There is a connection to the fact that I am syncing my calendar to Google.

The distorted display (of the left most day only) happens under these conditions:

  • The emClient window is minimized in week view then maximized again after 10 minutes.
  • Each time a syncronization happens at the interval set under general settings . I confirmed this at a varitety of settings from 1m to 20m.

The problem does not happen if I leave the emClient window maximized.

The problem also does not happen if I disable sync with google.

I trust this may allow you to duplicate the erratic display behavior at your end.

Best Regards,

Thank you very much! We were able to simulate and will fix it ASAP.

It is already solved in our internal version so you can expect it in the next update.

Excellent! Thank-you George.