Website not giving free licence key

When applying for the free licence the website isn’t functioning correctly. The page hangs on the survey page whether you answer or skip

We are sorry, there was an issue with free license server. Now it should work correctly.

Same problem here but the previous response states it was fixed 7 hours ago.

I am impressed with the speed of reply and resolution - thanks

I have been trying for several days to obtain the free licence, but with no luck.
When opening EMC today I get a message announcing that I have only 6 days left to register. But no matter how many times I input my name and Email address and ‘enter’, I am returned to the failure and register dialogue.

I am now having to consider going back to Thunderbird, which is a shame, because I really do like the simplicity of the EM Client interface, which can be made to present itself in a very similar manner to Outlook Express (RIP!).

can you try using a different browser to register the free license?
This is not a known issue to us, and website should be working as usually.

Thank you,

Aaaaah, Got it!

There is a tick box to the left of the initial terms and agreement stipulation. But the
box outline is so fine that it hardly registers on my PC display. Once I noticed
and ticked it, et voila!, I got an activation code. It might be worthwhile to display
that box with a more prominent outline.

But thanks - it’s a damn fine application - and I’ve tried quite a few since the demise
of Outlook Express.


John Tiernan

Hello, can you make a screenshot please? We see this quite ok. May it be a browser issue?

Errrrm … I can get back to the offending screen, but I can’t seem to make a copy of it that I can paste into something I can send you. I am using Win7 and have Photoshop available.

Another thing is that I’m using a Samsung hi-def monitor which does display with pinsharp resolution (1366 x 768) and although there is a ‘sharpness’ adjustment, there is no adjusted pixel count indication when it is used.

Any ideas?

OK. I sent the screenshot. Did you get it?

You also seemed suspicious about which browser I’m using - It’s IE 11

No, you obviously didn’t. There are 3 messages in the outbox with associated
3Mb screen shot file attachment. EMC doesn’t seem to want to send them -

  • perhaps the idea of a 3Mb attachment has given it indigestion?

Hi, depends on how large of an attachment is your mail service able to send, however if it was exceeding the limit, error should show up.
To what email are you sending us the screenshot?

Thank you,

I sent it to It wouldn’t go with EMC, so I had to use another client and it was reported as successful… And having read this mail, you may wish to delete it from the thread … !

Hi, please send the screenshot to, the address you mentioned is not our address and we’re not sure how we’d find the screenshot.

Thank you,