Web site appointment downloads to em Client

Hi, I am trying to use United Air’s ‘download to outlook’ web site function to create a calendar entry for my upcoming reservation. I’m using google chrome which downloads the appropriate .vcs file but from there I cant get it to execute. Can I point to an executable within em Client’s windows program file folder to have it accept this download?


I am also having this problem. The .vcs file provided by various websites (such as tvguide.co.uk) are just regular .ics files with a different extension.

If I rename the .vcs file as .ics I can double click on it and associate it with eM Client. Alternatively I can drag and drop it onto the calendar and it automatically imports.

As it is just an .ics file with a different name, it should be simple enough to support it in the same way that .ics files are supported.

Any chance of this happening??

Thank you for your suggestion - we will consider it.