Web Page Email Links not working.

Am trialling eM as a replacement for Thunderbird, so far I’m quite impressed, but I do have one issue, if I am on a web page and click their “Support” link, eM does not open, what I get is an error message “Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed.” eM is my default client. After acknowledging this error internet explorer goes into a loop, popping up the same error message close to 20 times.

Hi Laurie,

this is a well known issue. I assume the developers are working on it.

Thanks Hans, I have since seen a p-[post on much the same issue, but that was dated 2 years ago, so maybe eM isn’t quite right for me, however, I will still trial it.

Hi Laurie,

There are posts from a much more recent date regarding sending e-mails by clicking on a link in a webpage.