Web address in contacts

it will be useful to see the web address’s link in the contacts.
In the column of all the contacts on the right, moving the mouse, I can see the email address and the phone number. I have to click on details to see if there is an internet site, but it is not possible to click on it.
Of course it is possible to copy-paste, but it’s not very practical.
I hope you understand what I mean.

The first part of your problem can be solved easily - right click on a header of a column, click Column Configuration and check the Web address column.
Truth is, that you cannot click on the web addresses and you have to copy - paste them to a browser. I added your request to our list so hopefully it will be implemented soon.

I did not understand where to right click…
I just move the mouse on a contact

and then click on “détails” to see the web address.

Anyway, if this function will be added on the wish list, it will be extra :slight_smile:

I thought that you are referring to the main list of contacts. In the sidebar, the workaround mentioned above does not work.

Ok. Now I know there is no hope to have this function :frowning: