Weather not showing for current date - showing for past date

Today is 6/27/21. My calendar is showing the weather for 6/3/21 thru 6/7/21.
I am up to date with em client releases as well as windows 10 software updates.

Any ideas?

I was getting ready to ask about this myself. My calendar also shows weather for only 06-03-2021 through 06-07-2021

Unfortunately there is a problem with the AccuWeather API, and so it is stuck on 3-7 June.

Is this something that eM Client is going to address soon? After all, EMC does not use the standard AccuWeather API entry point, but instead uses a custom one established for EMC. It seems you might want to sync up with AccuWeather to get your custom service working correcting again.

Ah yes i see as you said @Gary the weather is stuck on early June. hopefully a fix is otw soon.

Ps If you need a good weather app in the meantime, I & my bro are using the default free “MSN Weather app” in the Windows 10 Store. I imagine there is a good free Mac OS weather app too.

The weather has just started “appearing today through to the end of the week” using the latest eM Client V8.2.1509 for Windows