Weather icon missing

When in the calendar module the WX icon is missing.

I have re enabled and disabled the WX in the settings.
I have removed eM Client and reinstalled with the same problem.
I even tried the Release Version 89.0.4389.72
Same problem showed up.

Has this service been turned off?

Any help will be appreciated.


Windows 10 Pro fully updated
eM Client 8.1.1087

Make sure you have selected a location. If it is blank, there will be no icons.

All settings are what they are supposed to be.
Location is correct.

Can you change the location to somewhere else, say London UK, restart eM Client and see if there is any difference.


I did what you suggested and verified with other locations.
Guess what the WX showed it for each location.
Locations tried London, UK - Los Angeles - Dallas TX

But when I enter any local Zip or city nothing shows up.
Local is Chicago or Chicago O’hare

Weird. Do not understand it.

Interestingly my weather for my local city or any major city in my state, only shows the weather for the (current day) & 4 days ahead (5 days total) in the month.

Ps I’m guessing that’s all its supposed to show.

Yes, I can also confirm selecting Chicago results in no icon.

It might be an issue with the provider - AccuWeather, or the api eM Client uses to connect to them.

If you have a Pro License, please open a support ticket with eM Client.

That is how it is supposed to be.

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That is all it’s supposed to show.

My Calendar nothing.


I have the free version.
Thanks for verifying Chicago area.
Accuweather website has no problem with generating the Chicago area WX.

Maybe move to Los Angeles? :rofl:

Now that’s funny.

But no thanks.