We would make it a replacement for outlook if it responded to the AD Group and Local Policy definitions that Outlook uses

This is pleasing software but what would really influence us to make it a replacement for outlook would be d be if it would respond to the AD Group and Local Policy definitions that uo Outlook uses

could you specify which policies you mean and would make use of?
It’d give us better idea what our developers should consider in the future upgrades.



Thanks for the opportunity to discuss this. When using the mmc and the Group/Local Policy snap-in on Windows and logged in as a local administrator it would be good if I could lock the email account settings and signature from being deleted by users with standard permissions account on the computer. That way we would not have to be concerned with supporting the laptop when they take it into the field - at least not the email settings anyway. Another method which may already exist - I don’t know but perhaps if the names of the files handling the details of the user email account and signature can be identified then if possible to maintain operation of Emclient then the permission settings can be set to read only on those files for the user, or a copy of the files can be stored on the local computer somewhere and everytime the user goes to login a login script could re-copy the files in place to make sure that user always has their email account settings and signature. It kind of “foolproofs” the settings !