WE have a FREE account on the main Computer BUT wanted to access this on the HP Notebook when away

The Free registered Account is
EM Client License Main System : [email protected]
and this is working but we cannot get the key to work on the HP Notebook.
Tried registering a new FREE key as below…
EM Client License HP Notebook: [email protected]
But this looses all the exiting mail on [email protected] already in this Notebook
I have it set but NOT registered on this Notebook how do/or can get a Free key for the [email protected] on this Notebook.
HOW do we fix this problem please.
Im Carl Forster ([email protected]) and I can be reached on this e-mail as I remotely look after their computers.

Regards Carl

Could be a number of things.

For one, you can use a Free License on only one computer at a time, so using the same one from the main system on the notebook at the same time is not going to work. You can disable it on the main system, then enable it on the notebook, and that will work. You have to make sure though, that it is only enabled on one computer at a time. Easier just to get two licenses; one for each machine.

If the new Free License does not enable an email account on the notebook, it may be that there are more than two email accounts configured. The Free License only allows two, so any extras will be disabled. If it is an IMAP or Exchange account, you will not be able to see the message folders or their contents for the disabled account.

Also, you cannot use a Free License with a business email account. That is a violation of the license agreement. The napierbrake address should not be used with a Free License.