Watch for Reply Sync

I am planning to buy two Pro licenses for my laptop and desktop and I am quite interested in the watch for reply sync. Before i set up the trial version i want to know if the “Watch for reply” feature can be sycned between two computers?

“Watch for reply” has nothing to do with read receipts. It watches to see when a reply to your sent message arrives, or not.
You can read more in the online documentation: Watch for Reply (

Quoting the online doc.:

After sending a message, go to your Sent folder and right click on an email you’ve sent. Select Watch for Reply select if you want to be notified when the recipient has replied, or hasn’t replied within a certain amount of time.


Maybe you have misread my question. I have not mentioned anything about read receipt. What I asked is in the situation that I have my email setup on em client on two different computer. If i set up a “watch for reply” on one computer, will the other computer also “watch for reply” for the same mail thread?

It is my understanding that the “Watch for reply” creates a special folder to track it. So maybe it is put it a imap folder which emclient uses to track reply regardless of the device.

I’ve clearly misread your question and I’m sorry. I’ve never implanted this feauture on more than one device so I clearly can’t tell from experience.

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No. That is a per computer setting.

Great. Thanks. Appreciate the assistance.